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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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"INNA Keeps It Hot" - Allout 22 Interview

With ”summer”’ fast approaching in the U.K, Inna is turning up the heat with her chart breaking track ”Hot”. We feel privilleged to be one of the few U.K blogs to have had a chance to interview an artist who has been tipped to become Europe’s number one female dance artist. Sexy, young and bubbly can only be the best words to describe Inna and  here is how the interview went:-

First all congratulations for coming in top10 in UK singles charts(13/04/2010), how does it feel for you having come thus far?

Thank you! I couldn’t believe, I know for a fact that UK has a really tough music market so it really made me feel great to see that British music lovers are enjoying my music.

So when did you first start singing (age)? And what made you go into singing at that age?

I started to take canto lessons at age of seven. I always wanted to be a singer, my family was very supportive and now it’s great to actually live the dream.

Who discovered your talent and how did that come about?

I was searching for a music studio in Constanta and after some time I found the boys from Play & Win, we started working together, become friends and later started this project.

What was the next stage after you got discovered?

We released a track, the same track that is now charting in the UK, “Hot”.  Firstly was released on internet and had a tremendous success, it was really unexpected. Later on I signed with a label here in Romania.

Your first album “Hot” in 2008 did very well across Europe, how did you feel during this period?

It really did, I was really astonished by its success, I’m really grateful to my team and my fans, I know that without their support I couldn’t do it.

Performing and going to all these awards shows, was it like anything that you thought it would be as I’m sure it was an overwhelming experience?

It was really overwhelming! I mean, even now there are moments when I can’t believe that’s happening. To be on the same stage with so many great artists, artists that I could only see on TV until now, it’s really huge for me.

Can you describe the 2009 MTV Romania Music Awards, how did it feel walking up that stage to pick 4 awards?

It was like one of the best days ever!  Imagine, few months after my debut to be the most awarded artist of the night! I was so excited and nervous, unique experience!

Given that you are now signed to Ultra Records, an American Label. Have you thought about permanently moving to America?

I’ve been asked this a lot lately! (Smiles) If this would mean a step forward for my career I will not hesitate to.


With a UK tour lined up, is it something that you are looking forward to?

Definitely! I’m really looking forward to do some shows in the UK, can’t wait to, really!

What can your UK fans expect from your forth coming UK tour?

Danceable music, music that really makes you dance! (Smiles)

Being, young and having seen a lot young people involved in drugs and binge drinking. What advice would you give to them?

It’s a shame that young people waste their lives on drugs or alcohol, I would tell them to look back and remember what their childhood dream was, it’s never too late to achieve it. It’s hard, but not impossible. Remember…they say “good things don’t come easy”.

Are you involved in any community work at the moment?

Unfortunately not at the moment, I would love to but my schedule is terrible. However, I did a charity concert along with other Romanian artists and I would do it again if I get asked to do so again.

What advice would you like to give up coming artist out there, still struggling to get a big break?

Never stop struggling, never stop send demos or contacting industry persons, if you’re really talented, someone will make it happen.

Lastly can you describe what it means to you personally when someone asks you what going “all out” means to you?

It means fun, a night out with my friends, dancing and stepping out of the daily routine.

A message for all your readers – Thanks for reading my interview, love you all and hope to see you soon!