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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

Inna now has over 2.6 million fans on Facebook! And has declared she gets a lot of requests from fans to marry her! Here is a interview with the popular Romanian gossip site 

You played in Holland last Saturday, in front of over 250,000 people at a big festival at the Queen’s birthday. Which country has the world’s most fans?

Indeed, it was wonderful! There is no greater joy for an artist than singing in front of an audience so numerous. I do not know what country most fans, but I can say I feel great on any stage, regardless of the country concerts.

You’re in the middle of the tournament. Play this month in Turkey, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands. Also, prepare your first big concert in Romania, which will take place at the Roman Arena. How many photos you rely?

In as many, I hope! We have prepared many surprises for them and are eager to play again in Romania.

How has your life changed since you became a international star?

Do not have time. I rarely see family and friends, but I really like what they do and are normal sacrifices if you want a career in music.

What can you satisfy the whims now? I refer to something before, you were not famous and did not have financial possibilities now, and could not afford.

They are not very demanding. I like to relax in the bath. The only thing that might bother me is to see that we fall in a hotel room. In the fall play or write on Twitter.

Of nearly 2.6 million Facebook fans! There’s so many people trying to like you?

It’s nice, not boring. I am so happy when they see their messages on Facebook or Twitter. Lost for hours reading them.

Fans follow you, I send gifts, your declarations of love? How to manifest the most ardent fans?

Most ardent directly ask me in marriage (laughs).

You are a very discreet in daily life. What do you do after the concert ends and goes crazy? Where to retire to charge your batteries?

Usually in a hotel room for a restful sleep. My concerts are usually scheduled at late hours in clubs, and therefore prefer to go directly to the hotel and sleep after a concert.

What do you enjoy doing when you are away from the scene? What are your hobbies?

Normal things. I like to watch movies, I play with Bobo, my puppy to walk …

Love for music was inspired by your parents …

My mother and my grandmother sang in the choir, and when I was little and I went with them.

You graduated from Political Science. Why are you ready for politics if you wanted a career in music?

Although I attended another college, I never stopped dreaming and try to have a career in music.

You’re a beautiful girl and famous. It’s hard to believe that you are not courted. He did any boy to steal your heart?

My heart belongs to music forever!

You are considered the best product for the export of Romanian music. Flatter you, you honor, and is too much?

I am honored and hope not to disappoint those who consider me that. I am very pleased that the Romanian music now has a say in countries like France, Britain or Germany. I am aware that we have a lot of work to get to their level, but certainly we are on track.

You have a higher box office. What was the largest fee that you offered?

I couldn’t tell you. Respect confidentiality agreements made.

I read somewhere that pay $ 10,000 and a stage outfit. On what did the money go?

The money goes into the project, about 80% of them.For example, money earned from my first concert I bought a professional microphone. The money I earned from the tournament in France next video shoot. Money is going into this project, videos, photo shoots, costumes.

You’re always on the road. However, where do you live?

In Bucharest, although not very much time in the country.

In America you have topped the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay, displacing Lady GaGa. You had the opportunity meet her at a time?

I had the opportunity to know her yet. I met Will.I.Am, Afrojack, Stromae, Craig David … more.

Who would you like to duet with? 

There are many artists that I would like to collaborate. I think my style is very close to the music of David Guetta and therefore I think it would be a successful collaboration.

Five secrets of Inna:

“I never miss in your bag”

Just have to keep in touch with fans through social networks.

“Every morning I drink tea”

It is already a Tabiet.

“The dearest person in my life is my mother”

Inna mother lives in Neptune, the seaside town where the young singer and spent her childhood.

“I would do many things for all the money in the world” 

“Luckily, doing exactly what I love and success, and money from it,” she says.

Inna sang in a pop – rock band in her adolescence, but the success of the band was not successful. Inna became famous when she started to sing pop and rock.