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After the success of "Hot" and "Amazing" that shook the dancefloors all over Europe this summer, Inna continues to promote her first album entitled "Hot" with the single "Deja Vu". In a quick interview, the attractive Romanian answered all our questions without avoiding a single subject, even the hottest. Proud of her first productions and success, it does not resting on its laurels, as new projects are already in the development stage.

The album "Hot" is a huge success in Europe. How do you live being propelled to the forefront of the European scene in just a few months? (Jonathan Hamard, editor) 

Inna: I worked a lot on that first album. I am very proud of this success is the fruit of a long process, although I did not really expect. I persevere in defending the project to have the same success for the rest of my career. 

Did you first started your career in Romania, of which you are born. 
How did you come to want to conquer Europe? 

Let me first of all to say that Romania is part of Europe. So the link is logically. Everything fell into place gradually. The songs are now passed by word of mouth, mobile to mobile. This is a network that introduced me to a song, then two and just went afterwards. 

Are you aware that this is a fairly rare that a Romanian singer is as famous on the continent ? 

Yes, absolutely. In fact, I am aware that this is rare and even more proud to show that anything is possible in music. I'm sort of living proof. 

Moreover, Romania is at the heart of French political news lately, especially through the circular Roma President Nicolas Sarkozy. 
That thou hast heard of and could you give us your opinion about it, since it seems that amalgam is done in France?

While Roma love France, why return to Romania? My country is not the territory Roma, nor a favored land where to send them. It's everywhere in Europe. Besides, I understand that there is a confusion that is made in France since associates Roma and Romanians as they are different. Roma are also very unpopular in Romania since they have an extremely benevolent behavior. But I also know that Roma are very good, very smart and had a real culture. Besides, there is a band composed of Roma who received a Grammy Awards that I greatly appreciate. Again, despite the origins can succeed through music. 

Luckily for you, you are more known and recognized for your music. 
After "Hot" and "Amazing", you chose "Already seen" for France as "10 minutes" was chosen in the rest of Europe. Why that particular choice in this country? 

Actually, it's not really me who made the choice of singles for each country, but the people who represent me. Every record company in each country know the market better than me and, in turn, knows what title will best represent me. What matters to me is to sing and give pleasure to people. Anyway, I can not prioritize or choose a particular stock to put forward, because I love them all as much as each other.

You speak of your compositions and what you enjoy doing. I wanted to know that it is your artistic participation on this first album, apart from singing course?

I still have my say. I only sing songs that fit me and I am pleased to interpret. It's a real teamwork and I always wish a collective effort with interconnections between them. I am committed to the collective consultation. That's just fine and will not change. 

On the album "Hot", there are many sounds of the 90's, although it is firmly rooted in the zeitgeist. 
You're nostalgic of that time? 

While I recognize that and I think just very well done bring up to date the 90 At the same time there on this album sounds that may be a little dated but can also be found on each title something new, original sounds that are my own. All this means that in the end this is not an album since 90's only borrows sounds from past years. 

I wanted to finish by addressing your future projects, whether you eventually was considering a sequel after "Hot" can -be even a successor? 

Yes. The second album is ready. It had been a little while we were working on it. My team and I are constantly working on new tracks for new parts. If I'm working on a title for tomorrow, I plan than the day after. We work a lot with my very early producers in studios. If we saw each other every day, I would anyway always new songs to listen to you because you never stops. That's the way I like to work with my team. 

This album has a title?

It does not have a name. I am considering several options. The first single entitled "Sun Is Up" starts broadcasting in Romania and other Eastern European countries. For now, it is expected in France for next summer because there are currently promoting "Deja vu", which will be followed by "10 Minutes." But it works well, it's a good title! 

Thank you 
Inna ! Till next year then. 

Thank you. See you soon!