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CIAO! Inna interview: 'At this time, my competition is Jennifer Lopez and Shakira'

After long negotiations we agreed to accept Inna limits to go into an interview, I began a discussion that does not really resemble an interview in which the 28-year-old girl made me change my mind about it all and how to get high up in the showbiz world and I forgot about the limits set ... Now I understand why she is above the rest of the singing women of Romania how to work at this level and how hard it is to stay with feet on the ground at the same time ... I met the most lovable and charismatic star from Romania and I hope I was able to play here as much of that can give this girl ... (Alice Dumitrache)

But I said "I want to have a piece on the radio" and Luci I always answer: "Not only that, you'll be great!"

About five years ago, I was in Istanbul in a taxi and heard a song of yours ... Then another and another, until we realized that radio was a CD. I said ... Good for her, if Romanian prompted a Turkish taxi driver to make a CD of her, it's ... Taxi drivers are somewhat of a landmark, its sitting 10 hours a day in the car, listen to music non-stop ... 

My first songs had great success in Turkey from the beginning ... But those CDs in the taxi i do not think were originally purchased ... 

Yes, but the effort to make a CD with a Romanian artist big deal ... Your songs were different from what is heard in Romania then ... I was just thinking that you took a risk, you do not go with the flow: either you're a failure or super successful, or not liked by anyone. 
So you thought? Or should you walk the line ... 

The story is different ... My first song, Hot, was very successful in Romania, this was around 2007 ... But I had this project before a project named Inna pop-rock. An entire album of 12 songs, unreleased, pop-rock. Some were released on the Internet ... They were something between Katy Perry and Pink .. Anyway, with poorer English with a message ... Can you imagine anything worse. My first songs were made by the guys at Play and Win. I went to several labels with the album, I was trying, but all were refused. It just was a very strange refusal because my image was one that people were looking for then: sexy, feminine, what was talked about. I was in my town of Neptune, it seemed they were very nice, they are ok, I had never been in Bucharest, when I first came to Bucharest, where I presented the project pop-rock. Well, we record album with my pictures for presentation, my mother saw the cool picture I have, she seemed like everything. I wanted very much to to do this, Luci (No - Lucian Stefan Gitiţă - Inna manager) always encouraged me, always said that we do it, that everything worked well, gave me a lot of courage, and I then thought I did everything by the book. Someone who knew him would say he's a man with premonitions ... But I said "I want to have a piece on the radio" and he always answered me: "Not only that, you'll be great."

I met Luci's mother worked as a secretary at the firm

How did you meet?

He was a field agent in a real estate agency. Basically agency was his mothers, but he worked very hard, from a little boy, he came with all the ideas for development. In fact, the whole thing was his idea, he came to his mother with the idea of making a real estate agency, although he was only 18 years old. It is very smart and always sees things a step ahead somehow ... I was working at that company of his mothers as a secretary. I was in first year of college, I was 20 years old. The headquarters of the company was in Costineşti, I was in Neptune, and I wanted to be close to home, but Neptune already had a secretary when I submitted my resume, so I was assigned to Constance, where it was better, it was close to college. And there Luci worked at the headquarters in Constanta. 

What did you do at college?

Faculty of History and Political Science. '

Do you use it now, with all the trips you make?

Not used at all I do not advise anyone to do this at college, because when you say "history and political science," you think that is a year of history and political science and then start to see how people make decisions and how the strategies are applied and how it is organized in this world ... But ... Three years ago I learned only Plato and Aristotle ... 

Lucian you met at a real estate agency, not a casting agency for singers. 
How did you make music? 

Every time after you finish the day at the agency, every one was cleaning the office, to leave it clean, and then we could put music on, relax ... We were kind of karaoke, I put on YouTube Beyonce, Destiny's Child, I always sing with my colleagues. One day he came in, he worked more on the land and I was a secretary, always on the premises, and all the girls said "let's sing, sing, let Luci hear" and he said "Wow, you must do something, to find a studio and do something. " I said I've sang since I was little, I sing low: my grandmother sang in the church choir and my mother was a singer of popular music, was also a dancer and singer. She played many events, weddings, especially summer restaurants, seasonal, Neptune, there are many rustic restaurants, from 9-12 every 35 minutes at night a set of singing and dancing and she was also pregnant with me . So I sing in her belly, perhaps ...

My grandmother called me the other day and told me, "Mom, I wanted to tell you if you give me those black leggings that I have, that I like"

And grandmother have a very close relationship ...

Yes, Grandma sits now in my house in Bucharest, she's Ialomita and I wanted to letting one, did not feel well and atrofiaseră muscles are no longer able to raise in bed, and I brought it to me, where I live with my father and mother now. It's not very old, but had a very work, a smart woman, but that was life then, we worked a lot and now feel the bones, unfortunately ... But when she moved to me, is very good, and- returned to fattening ... Well she miss me when I leave ... Now I've got the iPhone and mother taught her to call me and she always calls me ... I was at the studio when she called last Once my grandmother said, "Mom, wanted to tell you if you, if you have those black leggings, that I like ... I hope I did not upset my mother ..." is small, if you see is half of what I am ... It's very cute, not nosy, I love it ...

What is the best memory that you have with your grandmother?

All my memories are with my grandmother to church on Sundays ... I grew up on it until the age of six, singing in church. Then I returned to Neptune, where I have many memories: the first friends, the first love, the first years of school ... 

November we envied those who lived there because we just went there at summer ...

But winter is horrible to commute ... to get to school in Mangalia, and there were only two shops throughout the city, where we get bread and milk, otherwise grandparents brought it all ... There were other stores  ... Basically the first time I was at the mall when I was 16 years ... But Neptune was very safe, do not lock the door ... We just lived. Evening sitting outside with other kids, front and rear there was forest it was great ... Very nice ...

And the high school in Mangalia? 

There I had my first boyfriend, a boy with whom I had a relationship for four years, two years of school and for two years afterwards.

Do you think the day may come that he may talk about his time with you?

No, because I always chose to spend my beautiful moments with smart people and with quality. I have not kept in touch since then, but I'm sure he would do it. He's an educated boy from a good family ... And he would have nothing to say ... 

To Make up stories, If he has nothing to say ...

You know how it is, any public figure can have things made up about them, but people who really want to understand who I am and how I am as a woman would not like to believe stories ... You know how it is ... The masses are fed negative things about people that are not true, I am credible , I'm not worried, I trust the image that I have. Moreover, I take those things ... anything! I take my whack everything that happened to me and that I do ... 

It's the most honest way, but the most difficult ...

Yes, but the only way you win ... In my early career i took a lot because there were different people telling me "you have to be so or so ..." Only two years working with some stylists who are happy ... I went with experience, not knowing how to show that I have a say. I accept the fact that I did not know English ... I never studied English, I learned French and German... basically our school languages were times when you could make your nails or go to the schoolyard to play ... My luck is that I have an ear for music and how I got pronunciation for English, because I know musical hearing and whether or not a language i know, it's easier to pronounce my ear for music makes me get the words through repetition, practice. So whenever people ask me why I do not speak English, why do you not do that, I tried to explain that I was taken aback by what happens to me and I was not ready: I have never been taken by a record label before and learned what to do from A to Z as an artist. 

Perhaps you never knew what you should learn ...

I think you're right ... But I I took everything, all the mistakes and I persisted that one day to do everything perfectly. I said that I will learn English and one day I will speak it perfectly and I will not let anyone bother me ... 

But I think people understand you we're not born with English in the house ...

But you know how I have suffered because of this? There is a journalist from a TV station that a few years after my blunders after I began to hone in on English, asked me in a pronunciation which clearly shows that he knows less English than me, "If one day you you meet Beyonce, how you talk to her, you do not know English? "... I mean just to be bad, he did that ... I learned this after I posted on You Tube interviews where I speak English, that is why you want me to be bad at English? So you can to mock me? However it is very important that you take it. How could I tell someone I did not know English at a time, and I mean, or that I always spoke English perfectly. Or someone to tell me I did not have a sophisticated fashion style and I say no, I was not perfect the first time. So, what appears in the press, and I then see ... I do not mind if they write one that I played badly at a concert, I'm interested and can give an explanation of what happened. To give my side.

My Live is never wrong! I guarantee!

But it seems more honest than live playback?

No, absolutely not. 


For my live is never wrong! I guarantee! 

And in Brasov, at the opening of the Winter Festival, what happened  was impossible to forget?

There all my band made a mistake. They sang a different tone and I in another tone. My voice sounds so wrong. For normal, most not knowing the tools to reach your ear rather wrong ... I mean soon hear what's wrong, what's bothering you in two different versions that are heard. Hear the voice faster than instruments if they are wrong ...

Of course, everyone coming to the concert is focused on you, not the musicians that have come to you ...

Exactly, that's about it. And there to hear really weird 

How can this happen, what is the percentage of concerts to go wrong?

It happens when you have no time for rehearsals, to adjust everything. If we do not hear from us in the ear, 99% are likely to take fake! Basically I would have to say I'm sorry, I can not make the concert. But the spot when you have 10 minutes to decide whether or not climb on stage, it's difficult ... see tens of thousands of people who come to see you ... at any risk ... and you try to do this properly. Why do playback, if I 1% chance you make it live ok ?! 

A 1% risk you get comments from you whole country?!?!

Yes, because that 1% that comes out, comes out well and are appreciated. If not, surely all people who usually go to concerts and know what a live concert is, they will see that, for example, at one point, Beyonce sang false. Beyonce and her so alone when they sing, she can not sing false! It is impossible to perform fake! But in a situation where instruments are on a transmission line and my voice on the other line, as Brasov, it's like you and I play something else, and we want to sound good together. It's impossible. It's the worst concert I've had in my life ... and, I'm ready to do any time any demonstration and show that I know how to play and sing very well ... 

It would be the height We do new demos while you took dozens of awards, have sold huge in all countries ... 

They get prizes and some who can not sing ... No related ...

I was the first Romanian artist who wanted to sing in English when all artists sang only in Romanian. I was refused everywhere.

What do you do on stage if you manage to make an awkward moment?

Simply laugh ... I usually like to stop, do not go over time and keep the concert ... I'd rather stop and amuse us together. I happened to stumble and I stopped and said "Oh, I knew you would put a trap there" or say "Doaaaamne are so wide open today, all day I was so, it's the first time I prevented "... My show is based more on the attraction between me and the audience and I like to amuse us. 

Where'd you learn to react like this?

Its how i am, and in everyday life i am the same, I always say they are prevented, for example, on stage I act like everyday life, I am very natural. And i have posed in various hindered positions, but I laugh, make jokes always in these situations, I do not take it seriously. Only in music are things very rough with me.

How'd you get to be so hard on yourself?  
Constance' met Lucian and singing  in the offices you have decided to record something and go to Bucharest ... 

It was when in Constanta, I made 12 pop-rock songs and made an album of pictures. I went to all the labels in Romania. We were practically the first artist who wanted to sing in English and present a project in English where all artists sang only in Romanian. I was refused everywhere. 

But all problems received in life time proved to be steps forward ...

Exaaaact, but only after much trying ... 

Yes, but in the end  it turned out very nice ... From how you met Lucian, also after a job as secretary was refused in Neptune ... until today.

These days just working on the history and talking that we have so much to tell and the story is so beautiful, that look, some of the artists invent one another as to color the story, but to me it's not the case, because basically me it's hard to select things, its how it happened ...

You know how much trust you have to have when you get on stage? Those people think you're the star, that you're setting the tone of the party? And the way you dance so they need to dance as you play, so they need to sing? It is very hard!

And stories are discovered all the time, that's our job, the media ...

We have always avoided giving false information to boast of things that are not real, and we avoid exaggeration, because sometimes you can not exaggerate, all comes back... I think Ion Creangă exaggerated when he wrote his memories ... It would be terrible to ruin everything with such a mistake, as far as we worked and how many things I did and how I suffered and how I crying ... You know how I cried, how I suffered many humiliations I lived, you know what I've happened? Did not have the strength to remember ... After all, think how I could climb on to a stage and sing in front of thousands of people, you trust? You know how much trust you have to have when you get on stage? Those people think you're the star, that you're setting the tone of the party? And the way you dance so they need to dance as you play, so they need to sing? It is very hard!

Luci is half of my brain

How did you do so well as you do today?

Firstly because my team who always told the truth: you suck, they are cheaper, when it's not ok ... When I did the right thing and are at peace with me if I say that the team is not ok, as I trust them. And I see that if I do as I told them audience better understand, it's close to how I decided another time. I have great confidence, especially Luci. Luci is half of my brain. He always tells me absolutely everything wrong, without acid, without being bad in any way that would bother me or get mad at him. It pains me as an artist that I did something good, but I have no problem in relation to him. That made me so I can be more confident, how I am today, when on stage, I trust that I can do what I want on my stage, as the mother can do whatever she wants in her household . Basically the scene is my household. Now my shows are sold out, tickets are sold long before and that gives me strength to go on. When I see that people are happy to see me me when I see the joy in their eyes makes me feel great, and when I look at the comments and see that people say it was the best gig of their lives or that they felt great, and they did not expect me to be so open and kind. Because after paying a ticket to see me could write and that they liked or say that was lame, right? But 99% of reviews are always positive. At this point, the image fans have of me is that I am sexy and sweet at the same time and I am very close to people and that's what I am and that's what I want to be. They understood my message. 

But it's also great responsibility ... to make tens of thousands of people happy, it's not easy ...

At this time it is pretty unconscious, honestly ... I do not think they are responsible enough to know exactly what is happening there. Firstly, many bad things can happen, maybe ignite something ... who knows. I can not see this part. And tied their happiness, when you see so many positive reactions, yes, you feel a responsibility, but do not think about it, because you know that you can do this ... to make them happy fans. Now will have four concerts in Latin America and can not wait to go there! Little did I get that something may not be ok ... I know it will make testing sound, go with my tools, I did not need their instruments at this level there. Then I had some bigger concerts in America and then start grinding again ... Basically steps make me nervous on stage and back to being a little unsure of myself, which is good, because it basically makes me work harder, and more ...

It would be a shame to lose the sensitivity to that ... You would never be an artist, you would be a are robot ... 

That's about it! 

Why do you think your success in Romania is not exactly the same?

Look, this is information Wrong and circulating a while ... it is not true! I'm the only artist who filled the square in Timisoara, for example, I've done one sold out. In Science as was insane. In Bucharest we had Roman Arena sold out. People come to my concerts, I do not know where this information that is wrong is coming from ... Mayor Deva know my name and wants to make me an honorary citizen because there has never been an artist to gather so much worldwide Deva, Arad people come from all the surrounding towns, they were people who flooded the stage for autographs. I am the only artist who did remain for an autograph session in Constance for six hours !!! 1,500 people and I signed up to the last autograph. It bothers me that they say that I am not successful in Romania, because it's not true. But you know why people think this? Because I'm not going on TV! Artists who go on TV, you see that there are virtually Romania. But I do not like that, do not want to appear with my boyfriend, commenting on various news ... And I never came in hand with my boyfriend because simply did not happen for someone to catch me in such a stance. I never hide, just do not do it in the street, but in private. 

But when our paparazzi photographed Lucian and you and you were asked what your relationship with him, you said it's just professional.

I always say so I played with the answer, I said that we have a wonderful relationship, I know what you wanted. I denied. I loved it this way. People who wanted to understand, however realized that I had a relationship with Lucian. I have not never lied. But we were a couple, never did scandal to have appeared in the press. 

And why did you break up?

For already traveled a lot together, did everything together when you have the same job, you get to be more better friends than boyfriend/girlfriend. November was still very good friends recently, so I decided to stick it. Luci and I have the most beautiful relationship that could happen in my life. I advise everyone to have the ex-boyfriend or ex-husband relationship as I do with Luci. We said that if we want to make a farm, not to eat commercial products, we will do it together. Any business we do, we do everything together. I've had four boyfriends before, but no relationship was not like that with Luci. I had four long relationship for two years, three years, four years and Luci five years, of which the last three were with more collegiality and friendship than anything else ... Everyone heard me say "I love you" because I say very easy "I love you", I say to all the team, friends, everyone. Regarding love, no matter how deep was the feeling at that moment, love is the same, I'm reluctant to express what I feel. If you are close to me, I feel that way. 

Are you not jealous? 
Lucian's relationships with other girls or him with your relationship with another man?

Why bother him that I now do not have time for a new boyfriend. Do not talk about these things. I laughed at him when he appeared in the magazine with young girl, Maria, well ... 

Do you want a relationship?

No I dont miss one, because I have so much to do and so much love given that, for now subscriber can not be reached ... 

But you see the family with children?

Course! Not now, but yes, I see myself in the future. But not how to be a normal family, well, depends on how each sees normal family ... but not now. I can not leave now ... Even if you die tomorrow, I know I did something in this world, but we're not done yet ... First, the message I want to send people ... that no matter where you go and is your social position and how many rejections you all the time you have to try, do not give up, but only if you really think your talented and believe that all the other things that support this talent to have it make sense. I like to be a singer. My music has profound message at the moment they have other songs of other singers, I am still working on it, but get into concerts and soul say things my fans and the people they know. And so they send my message, not necessarily the songs lyrics. My message is that wherever you go and whoever you are, if you really think your talented and you can take things to the end trying, and you will succeed!

Great you say, but you left Neptune and have continuously said that if it was shiny and you would be encouraged always, you have given everything. So in theory it sounds good, what about the practice?

Practise, if it does kill you, go on ... do not think I could say how many times I was so ready to end it all, disappointed, climbed the heights the greatest, I was the artist who in 2009 sold the best in France, more than Lady Gaga when she was on a roll, in France I wonder how much the world is to love you, and I came to Romania and was given the earth did not know English ba, ba sing ... I do not know these things so much struggle, these extremes are struggling so much that you end up not know what the purpose is ... there's a spark that makes no longer want, you can not ... 

And you come to say "I'm moving to France or Mexico, fuck you all, I'm better than you think?"

Well, no, because there are Better than me! If people do not know how good I am, I mean that because they do not know this, and I have to stay here and show them. Maybe I did not communicate that enough and should adjust this, do not go!

You must be very strong and extremely down to earth to resist, do not go crazy when 30,000 people shout your name

Tell me five things that were false written about you and remove them.

Well, it was written that I was fat and I diet to lose weight 10 kg, but I've never been fat! Never! Yes, if you go nice pose with cellulite when I look in the mirror, I see the problem and I go to the gym to fix. But I was never fat. Then they wrote I have silicone implants, but I do not. These are my breasts for as long as I remember, naturally, you can check. I have no plastic surgery, I just have a mole removed. I pride myself on being natural. Then it bothered me so much an article written about me after a race at Barcelona, when Mr. pilot came out to greet me and take autographs for his children, he talked to me, enjoyed. The day was written in the press that I would have done scandal, the rear passenger wanted to go to toilet in business class and I made a crisis out of it and the pilot would have come to me and my demands. And I never do that! I fly economic, I like to be among people I talk to them, I would never allow myself to make any trouble. I am a very normal person ... For example I went to the American Embassy for a visa and stayed outside, in line, with everyone else, even the lady there told me to go forward, that they understand that I have a busy schedule. I can not! I am ashamed to park in front of the embassy and get out of the car. I would be ashamed. So, I went to queue, stood half mother, half me, I like to be real, to live like everyone else. 

I would panic, I go crazy with this fancy VIP ... success ...

That is it, This success came very quickly and then I started to work a lot and I did not realize how much, but yeah ... honestly, I'm not afraid to go crazy ... because the human mind is made to work in a way, and I should consider myself a scientist to say that I will not do that, I'll stay grounded. It's hard ... There are examples of those which happened to start to change, but I have no examples that happened. Travelling and seeing so many artists and working with people who work with them, I heard many stories inside, are like real people. I know Beyonce is 100% the sweetest woman that may exist, she is real and genuine. But I know cases where people were really cool and have suddenly changed, with success. It changes in the look of an eye, everything changes ...

Do not know if you believe in supernatural phenomena ... but I saw my audience, stage, me, everything, from above 

Why do this? For the money, the fact that so many people admire you?

Yeah, you can not keep this in check ... Believe me, it's very hard ... You must be very strong and extremely down to earth to resist, not to 30,000 people go crazy when they call your name. You know, I feel, when a man passes by me on the street and not recognize me, almost makes me want to go and say, "Hey, you know who I am, what I do?" But it's a start ... I do not know how to say this, by nature.

On stage you charge with an energy so powerful ...

I do not know if you believe in supernatural phenomena, and see what is happening from a different point of view, but I saw all my public scene, me, all of it, I saw it from above, looking down from above myself. As energy taken from the public, charging me so much that I have this power. There are moments in the show when you're very aware of what is happening, you focus on things, you must be in a certain part of the scene, etc., but there are times when you look over simply everything. 

How is it see above everything?

Firstly it's like the sound is like a huge bang, then you ringing ears, and hear in your head, that's about what you hear. What do you feel is ... I do not have no fear ... not afraid to jump into the world, even though you know it's very dangerous to do that. Not afraid to do anything, you can scream, do whatever you want, you are very strong, have the power to do anything. That's good power at the time, but back to what we were talking before, the power that enables you to go crazy, not to be normal, real and on earth. And that's dangerous. That power is Godly, nor devil sits on. It's hard to manage that power. I mean for what you are going? You're going right? Utilizing this power to tell your message positive? Or take advantage of it for various petty pleasure? I want to convey my message to be a normal person, let me take pictures without makeup, I admit that I do photoshop the pictures, the girls looking at me to see how they really should not have a false model !

In my bank account at the moment there is only money for survival

I looked admiringly at a girl who is successful and that I think 28 years is a millionaire, perhaps ...

Please believe me that my bank account at the moment there is only money for survival, because all the money weve produced videos I invested in tools, reinvest it. Sound engineer and lights, we pay just to make sure I have a cool show. There are millionaires and do not know if you believe me, but I am very sincere. I made a lot of money on this project, but all came back to the project. I do not want to buy cars and apartments and forget my purpose: to sing. 

Unlike many, At this age I see that you know exactly what is the meaning of your life ...

I am balanced, yes ... because I love what I do, I think that's the solution. 

There are issues that do not go in to play, like many other artists?

Let's go to play next to a sofa? Two dancers with me? Well, what will people say? Well you do that, well, just sing and guys, out there, where it says it is successful? Well what else praise this girl, that look, it's the same with anything? That basically it would be like the rest singing women, two dancers standing next to a couch TV presenter. This is not music TV show. They put me on the couch to talk about my personal life, do not care how the song goes into a show. So I prefer not to go on TV now. 

But as you think about your fans, TV viewers will want all the information, not just music ...

Well yes, but I want to give information that I want, not out with pliers answers from me and I want to make a TV show as it should, to sing properly for those viewers.

I have a phobia to fly with private jets

But what are the disadvantages of being a star?

First, to stay away from home, family. Not friends, because my friends are on my team and they are non-stop, everywhere, I do not miss them. I'm not alone in my life. If I felt alone. I do not like that one very much. I have a phobia of flying by private jets and I even refuse them, often. 


Because of trust ... Still I can not afford to have my private jet and company planes and pilots that I do not know and I can not put my life in their hands. Normal planes have a history, you can read about how many flights they have done, how good are the pilots, I trust them ... 

You ever sought such information online?

No, but just that there is this information reassures me ... Some Russians told me once that My flight was canceled and they can not cancel the concert because people had gathered, so I was sent a private jet to get to the show. I could not accept, so I had to make many stops and the flight arrived half an hour before the concert, so to everybody made preparations, I did my makeup, I prefer it, but to flight risk who knows what I would have sent them. 

How can you have phobia of flying when you have weeks where you fly more than sit on the ground?

Only phobia I have is private planes, not regular flights. I if I had my plane, I save a lot of time and there are many days when I do not get to sleep, to rest, and that's a problem. A private plane for me just would not be right, but a necessity. You know a lot of artists have died because of these private flights elsewhere, who knows what those patents were given, who knows if they made revisions? But if I do not grow more than that, I will not allow a private jet to stay quiet. It is very expensive. A private flight from Turkey to stop in Hungary to Paris has cost 30,000 euros. No team! Only 7 people!

The most expensive concert of mine was 90,000 euros in Mexico

Ok, I understand that you're not a millionaire, but still earn a lot, so I'll allow one day and private aircraft.

Most expensive concert of mine was 90,000 euros in Mexico, sold out. This is the money that I'm told. The money was made at the concert were many, but I'm busy organizing, do not know exactly.

In which country did you have most success and where you have less success?

Were different years and different parts, is very interesting. First in France, and Turkey and then Latin America, but most have sold (on iTunes and physical albums) in France and England. But there's a big difference between the fact that my music is heard in stores, malls, clubs, compared to the real market. I'm in America, I hear all gyms and all the clubs possible, but that does not mean I am successful in America. 

How can you say that?

Well it is true, at the moment I am not successful in America, although parts hear me everywhere. That's not success. Success means they appear in the media, the paparazzi recognize me on the street, you are invited to TV shows, they sell music when a concert's successful. I did as I am glad that I can play in the club ... It's not enough. In America, apart from Nadia Comaneci and Ozone, one of Romania had no success yet. In America, if you ask the girls who's your idol, Beyonce or Nadia, all say Nadiaaaaaa. But I'll have success in America, I feel that.

I would never sing about drugs

How much you get involved in production?

I compose, very few people know this. I have composed the song Jame of Antonia, for example ... plus many parts of songs are mine. Now at last songs, but I worked with consummate professionals and I never allowed to intrude, I felt less inhibited ... We recently launched Cola Song of J Balvin, and he sounds insane piece, it's very, very good voice of my song. I like collaboration. Then I'll do a collaboration with Pitbull. He called us and said he wants to have a song on Inna's album, a song of mine. They sang several artists on the album and wanted to have a play with me. The song is called "All the Things You Do" and appeared on his album last year. Now going to have my chance to play him a song that I did asked him to come and work on, and he accepted, already we're friends, we have a very fun relationship. Will launch it and will be single track. And for my album to be released in the fall, I have 54 songs and believe me I do not know what to choose, which to put in the album. They are very rich in music. And any new part can always blow, and I do concerts in much larger amounts than the highest amount ever. It can change everything from one day to another. Look, that's rich! Not the millions of mind ... 

What would you never sing about?

About Drugs. I never talk about "getting high" about all sorts of nonsense, will never do this ... 

But part POHUI (Russian expression used in Avatar. Moldova, translated "it breaks", "... I do not give. ") did not seem too bold?

No because it refers to what is happening in the industry in Romania, it's basically some Romanian reality. Not all are included in the lyrics. But it seemed to me much, because I did not say the word ... does not contain that word, it's just an expression ... like "what the fuck are you saying?" But the song has a very interesting post, my heart is working.

What hurts you when you're not POHUI?

Hurts when people find information that is not true and that I damaged myself as an artist and as a woman. At home, four walls, it hurts to be lied to and disappointed. To think that I trusted most in fact do not. 

What do you do when nobody sees you?

I really like to enjoy the real things. I walk in places where there are shopping malls ... In Guatemala, Costa Rica, where things are untouched by the phenomenon of internet and shopping. I do not answer the phone, just me being me ... I upload, I can see the beauty of nature and things that do not speak, but that just gives you visual and state. Otherwise, when I'm by myself, I think very very very much what happens to my career, I have to do and what not to do to be better. There is absolutely nothing more important at this time. The biggest luxury for me now would be to allow me to not have the exact hour at which I have to do something ... you do not have time for dinner, I do what I want when I feel ... because now my time is very limited program: the flights, the sound check, the press, television, non-stop ... I run one, two, three, four, five, put a mouth sticks, six, seven, prepare, eight, nine, action, pull ... and I have to say "yes, it's very nice life, you know, I have not eaten anything today ..." I would prefer to allow me to say "you know better let me finish my sticks and then start" . But I can not. I have no free time, practically none at all. Now I'm like a plant that is not watered enough ... I want to be wet, parts come with success ... and then I'll stay a little longer to rest ... 

But what you say that? 
Ok, you can not say you're at the peak of your career, but still ... Why not breathe less? 

Because today is only 40%. Up to 100% I have a lot of work. I'm at 40% of what I can do. I was 30% now 6 month before signing with Atlantic Records. You know what that artist is not signed to a record label of such a value? Is zero. Your music can be promoted properly, your music onto radio unless you are friends with them, or stay out, and so on. You scratch. Now, however, the Atlantic, is something else, I'm all territories everywhere. For the first time in my life, on April 15, with a single click, my song Song Cola was sent to each and every record around the world, and those people know how to handle it in their households to make song first place, because I'm very confident in it. That means a strong label.

That means that so far, all your national and international success is strictly merit of your work.

Yeah, with my team. I have been signed with various labels best in the world, but not at this level. 

Which is your competition?

Currently Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Competition is the genre, they are Latin, like me, music is simple, simple message, catchy words, to catch a large mass of people, people who spend the club, listening to music in the car or break of hours, I see this kind of competition. 

Telling me some very technical details, commercial. 
Where is the soul? 

Soul is in the messages that I receive from fans, posts in which they write that my music has helped in delicate situations. Not necessarily the message that I do not play philosophy, but my positivism helped and gave them courage. I received such mail from people who participated in marathon listening to my music and they wrote that they went all the way through my music. If I fail in this world to change the mood of a man even for one minute, five minutes, never to think about sad things ... What do I want more and do more? If I came from where I came, are 500 inhabitants in Neptune and I got here, then maybe anyone who wants and is determined to change their life. The soul is in this post of mine that reaches people. If one man take me as a role model and say, "Look, if she could, then I can not give up, whatever", well there is my soul ...

I like Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I'd be a laughing stock to sing something like that

You play what you like? Many artists say that if you do not understand our problem, they are artists and ready.

No.'s totally wrong! Can not you just play what you like! I like Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers I like, I like to sing this? I would be the laughing stock of the world! People would say to me "we do not want that from you, we want happy as you are." The audience sees me differently, and I have to do to please them, because they see me play and it loads me artistically. I am easy-listening, the message easily, this is important.

How do you see the ideal life?

The ideal life that I now live in the moment. That's what I thought to be ideal now. 
Then I want family and child or children. 

Makes you happy?

Feelings of my fans and my family. I'm happy when my mother is proud when she talks about me and when I see that has so much confidence in me. 

Doing an exercise in imagination and go back in time when you were secretary in Lucian's mother company. 
If you have not heard, if you had not trusted him when I kept saying that you get high and have remained there. How would your life be today?

I would be sure I was doing something for other people. No wonder I had chosen history and political science, is all about people, it's different. 

Tomorrow would disappear if all you have done so far and you stay on the street?

 I take it to end ever. The first way, if I stay on the street, it would be my family, I stay close to them and that would help. And I have a very good make-up artist, I do something all artistic.