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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

Ciao Romania Interview August 2016

Inna, now sworn to "Voice of Romania Junior", a show full of emotions starting in autumn PRO TV, rarely gives interviews, but when we are fortunate enough to catch a word, she's sincere, genuine and without fancy . The only world-class star in Romania, Inna won international show-biz, recently reaching two billion views on YouTube, more than Madonna, Justin Timberlake or pharell Williams.
How are you offstage?
Off stage I am Alexandra, a girl who is considered rather like a child than a woman who likes to go out with friends, travel, ride my skateboard, to return home to Neptune and remember my childhood, spending time with my parents. I'm energetic, I enjoy life to the maximum and give and receive love.
What is your motto in life?
Live for the moment! And most importantly, always live "pura vida".
What kind of music do not you sing again?
You know that I thought I would not sing. As long as my music brings joy to people, I will sing them! I like to experiment, to sing in various languages, to reinterpret the songs in my concerts some different styles. I think when it comes to music, "sky is the limit!"
If it was not music, what would have happened?
The voice of cartoons I am very passionate about it and I hope to have the chance soon to be the voice of cartoon characters. Until then, I can only say that I played motto from "The Powerpuff Girls Girls" that aired on Cartoon Network. It was a hard experience but enjoyable!
How was your first concert in front of thousands of people? Were you nervous?
How did you overcome them?
My first concert as Inna was in a club in Sibiu. It was full, people were interested to find out who is Inna, who sang "Hot" song that conquered the radio and YouTube. I was nervous, but at the same time there was a small dose of "recklessness," I did not know what was going to happen: from a simple piece placed on the Internet, started a great interest that would change my life.
What is the biggest blunder, so to speak, that you did it on stage? Tell us what you had funny moments in your career ...
One of the funny moments on stage is even on YouTube, singing, dancing, and I was heading toward a cameraman filming standing and kneeling before me and he lost his balance and fell! I wanted to help him, but I could not, because I had to continue my show. Another time, a fan wanted so badly to be on stage with me, that he rose suddenly and took me in his arms which panicked my team and the security. Fortunately, it was peaceful and nothing bad happened . Even more funny is that Sonique the well known singer, wanted to jump in my defense, she was backstage and saw what happened.
If you are on stage and you would break your pants, for example, what would you do?How would you react?
I try to finish the track and then I go off stage quickly to change.
Who is the star you appreciate the most?
There are many people I appreciate in the public for their successful work, perseverance, but I think Pink remains one of my favorite artists.
What tips have you learned from make-up artists whom you have next to you?
All I know about make-up I learned from Andra Manea, makeup artist I work with from the beginning. In everyday life I do not use makeup, but I learned from it what to do when she is not with me and I need makeup. Each face is unique and my tips do not fit any of my friends.
Do you use expensive cosmetics or you prefer the ones that suit you even if you are not expensive?
I use cosmetics I trust to be generally natural. For example, I often use LifeCare products for body and skin.
What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
Burberry jacket.
But the cheapest?
Basic Top H & M.
If you were to have your own scent, what would it smell like?
Discreet scent, exotic. A mixture of papaya, musk, ylang-ylang flowers.
What could you not live without? I refer to an object ...
My phone, it keeps me connected with my fans, my family and friends from anywhere in the world.
How do you protect yourself from the sun?
Folsesti sunscreen cream or something?
Yes, sunscreen 30 thermal water. But also use coconut oil it protects very well.
If you could alter something physically, what would you change?
I would not change anything in terms of physical appearance. Over time, I've come to appreciate and accept myself as I am. I feel good in my skin.
You are pro ... plastic surgery or not believe in it, for example, that a woman should not hide their wrinkles?
I am pro plastic surgery done while I'm in charge, and without exaggeration. Same with wrinkles, it is OK to blur them if your not satisfied. Meanwhile, many people are not afraid of old age and wrinkles and they look sensational!
Do you want to become a parent? Yes, of course, I love children!
You see a granny surrounded by grandchildren? How will you be like a grandmother?
Yeah, sure! Only that it's hard to figure out exactly how I would be! I would like to take after my mother, do dishes, be a wife with a young spirit.
How do you see yourself in 10 years?
On stage, enjoying music, but also alongside a beautiful family!
What is the biggest worry of yours? I'm afraid to fly and not to disappoint myself and loved ones.
Any phobia? Planes.
Tell us about your musical projects?
I will soon launch "Say It With Your Body", a piece for which we have already a filmed video, I look forward to you all being able to listen! I have two other projects ready. Lastly, prepare songs in Romanian, I am highly concentrated right now to the "Voice of Romania Junior" which is very dear to me.