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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

Ciao May 2016

Inna: 'I never ever wanted to be appreciated for my beauty'


There was a time, not yet passed all when stars imagined it sleek, if not downright evidence of artistocratie body to do all kinds of plastic surgery and touches, the implant silicone and botox injections to heavy makeup, behind which face can barely breathe, barely longer pant. But these improvements do not only kill in the bud any trace of naturalness, hence the shock at the sight of a star that suddenly appears in the street without makeup, where hitherto produced only slight make-up.
Not necessarily that these aesthetic improvements are not still happening but now, the trend seems to be returning to natural and naturalness, and enough to see a star the size of Inna who appeared with no hint of makeup, to see that naturalness is quite beautiful and attractive, and perhaps other stars will understand and not just the stars, but women in general, that no makeup or minimal makeup can show off just as much femininity, natural, uncorrupted by the intervention of surgery. It's cool not to have cosmetic surgery, it's cool not to produce public face drowned in a makeup of two fingers thick.
In these pictures, Inna is natural, her face is bright and expressive.
"Most often I am out of the house without makeup because I like to feel comfortable. Especially as I have always been natural and wished I was not appreciated for my beauty, naturalness and charisma but I feel fulfilled when I walk down the street and say: "Inna, I could not imagine ever being so natural, simple and nice, '" said Inna to us exclusively.
It often happens that Inna slip by people who recognize her and she sometimes hears comments
that are made about her, comments which goes something like:
"Here's, Inna! God, she is small! "Or" Is that Inna ?! "or" God, she looks fifteen years old ... ".
Inna told us that once at the airport, she was approached by a Romanian couple and she asked them if they fly to Romania. She was worried because of the delay getting to the airport, she didnt want to miss her flight.
The woman said:
- Hey, you look like Inna the singer! - Yes, I am told that many times , replied Inna, not tell her that, in fact, she is Inna. - It's a striking resemblance, insisted the woman, and she was absolutely right, because everyone looks strikingly like their self.
The man with her intervened: - my dear, you think that flying airplanes is normal for Inna?! I think she onlu fly in with private jets ... You think she stands in line at passport ?! - Yes, you are right, but that woman was lot like her, the woman said.
Listening in to this dialogue, where it was just about finished, Inna smiled, somewhat bitterly, realizing that, often, people judge others completely wrong. Then they each other in the crowd. Reunited with the two later on the plane. Inna was one row in front of them. The man and woman were embarrassed because Inna was seen taking pictures of fans who had recognized her and now there was no doubt that it was Inna. Naturalness is part of the arsenal including the fact to go by plane in economy class, for being a star does not mean that there is always a distance between yourself and your fans.