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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna - supreme goddess of dance music

It's so lively, that you did as you feel more energetic after a meeting with her. Talk to animate and always humming something, is inevitable not to skip. I experienced on my skin: Inna you really make your day better!

24:05 Almost enter studio photographer dash Sebi Enache , apologizing for the delay and the first that I have crossed eyes was just Inna , who was good at makeup. "I have no problem intqrzie people I met, but I care not to be late again," she said to reassure me.

However, embarrassed eyes down and approach her, attracted to "rustle" which broke through the laptop speakers that they show impresario Team Records gathered from shooting. It was an astonishing video from a meeting with a large Mexican fans among rivers of tears, he demanded autographs and struggled to salute and Inna respond in Spanish.

"Wow, it's clear, you are now a global phenomenon, but two years ago when you released the song Hot , which have seen a mega-success over night, did not you panic? "I asked curiously.

"I'm still in panic," I respond immediately. "And I think it'll be all my life! Amazing I felt when I heard Hot first time on radio - especially as it was a childhood dream, I would not be seen again doing nothing but music," I reply vividly.

Then our dialogue catch momentum and, as I was a childhood friend that has never seen before, tells me how small, kindergarten, school, likes to practice the dances and singing talent celebrations.

Add: "Although when I decided what college to go, I was thinking to do something political - because I like to talk a lot," adds laughing, and Andra Manea , make-up artist working in Inna team has a reproachful look as he just apply a thin outline around the eyes. "I just love to sing, I like to be the center of attention - whether in childhood recite a poem or telling something, it does it in a funny way, then sing a song and gives the whole show," remembers brunette mignon. And over 130,000 fans on Netlog today on Twitter know that's right ...

"I'm a lucky!" - Giggling bounce in my mind when Inna manager called me to watch the premiere of her latest song, Endless , which was impressive to find things.

The video was released on November 25, 2011, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, marking also the start of the campaign B ring The Sun In My Life against domestic violence, in which Inna has been involved with several other public figures in Romania.

"It's a major problem, which generates difficulties with children, with parents. However, are injuries that we can not control or prevent, and it's a shame not to do it. Saying that the soul 'convince me Inna rotating chair to me looking eyes. The piece is delicate, and the script clip overlap with the campaign idea Bring The Sun In My Life.

Inna I asked her who brings her joy in life. "Sometimes I have moments when I'm a little disappointed or unhappy, and when I feel it, go on Twitter or Facebook , fans say "I'm mad!", and then they encourage me. they are the sun of my life sure, when talking on the phone with my mom and make sure everything is well at home, chill. "

Throughout our conversations, Inna had mentioned her mother several times, and I realized they were very close. "In February I leave the United States for two months and still do not know if I can take my mom with me," I say out disappointed. "If I can take with me, I have to prepare myself mentally. There are two people in my life without whom I can not stand - mother and my puppy. Puppies, but clearly I can not take it with me because he did not is a good puppy and do not want to wake up all the neighbors of the hotel because of it "(laughs).

The world has taken a

Scot shy of the bag housing album I Am The Club Rocker and a marker, trying to make my courage to interrupt Inna (now all patient sitting in a chair, just like make-up artist's place was taken by hairstylist) and Please give me an autograph for an enthusiastic admirer - my brother!

Fortunately, I guess the intent and reached out to me to confirm my consent tacit them. "My fans have realized that in my case it's more than a scene, an image and all things that build an artist," she confesses, as if feeling the need to justify my desire so to me asking autograph, and its approval.

"We have fans from different countries, with whom we became very good friends. Though I know every move, prefer to follow me everywhere, because after concerts always have a half-hour meeting in which we are pictures, we say impressions We give gifts - they love this thing! "exclaimed gleeful, and I see in her eyes that makes the heart.

"I am active on Twitter again. Now believe that my fans give me missing, as do the interview," I warn whisking her hands as a sign of guilt.

"For example, my fans from Romania were friends with my fans in Germany, France, etc., go to parties together, and some have become couples," she reveals.

I, for one, found out the pre-interview documentation as Inna Romania is the most beloved person on Facebook, mandrindu- by nearly four million fans, according to the statistics of service monitoring Facebook pages from Romania ).

An artist mignon with big plans

Even if you're not at the frenzied fan of Inna, all have to be on the hit zbantuit Club Rocker feat. Flo Rida.Beat the parts you put in motion this instant! "But is it enough to kick off a party memorable?" I ask Inna.

"First, because I'm an artist and I love music, it is clear that there must be good music! Then, you need a vibrant rhythm, very sexy outfit, although many might wonder why this is a must. Pai you could dance dressed in thick wool sweater and pants? "asks rhetorically, making me burst out laughing.

"There must be a location for every taste - May underground or a luxurious" explain to me cheerful.Speaking of parties, her manager telling me that Inna will establish the fun and the USA, with a two-month tour beginning in February 2012, where it will play in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Florida, Las Vegas possible. "Then I return in Latin America - in Cancun, in Mexico City.'ll Travel with a great staff - hairstylist, makeup artist, etc."

I feel like this girl never gets tired! Day spent with her at the COSMO shooting was not only that we met.A few days later, we had lunch together (improperly said, because Inna only "nibbling" of pasta you ordered) and I honestly thought about it, but especially to the impression some people have about it.

Although some would believe, Inna is a very complicated and busy life. Are the days for weeks when they are carried in indigo, a galloping rhythm strictly, almost spartan - yes, I know, sounds weird compared to what you see on the bottle or magazines.

Sometimes Inna Romania leaves at six in the morning, at ten o'clock reached the destination, take a shower, eat on the run and is preparing for the concert.

"There were weeks when I had five concerts in five countries in Europe. Extremely hard!" She says. But if you happen to forget the lyrics to a concert or to confuse choreography? "Yes, it happened to me - it's human, it's ... artistic forget the lyrics!" Exclaimed.

"You can turn a random funny gaffe: After the song, admit that you forgot the lyrics, and fans are funny. There's no tragedy to fall, to escape the microphone to false, forget the song! To be honest, laughing the incident , at least you appreciated the courage to admit your mistake, right? "I asked her confirmation.

I searched it and not necessarily linked to a sensitive topic, but to be treated with finesse, not leave room for interpretation gossips. Press (at least one in Romania) of all circulated assumption that Alexandra Stan would rival Inna, but beautiful brunette deny:

"I see it as a rival - is a very talented artist with a great voice, is a great trend and I enjoy that music in Romania begin to be noticed outside the market intensely. Has an exceptional track, Mr. Saxobeat . "

So yes, Inna has evolved more as an artist of the song Hot. But from my first interview with her, three years ago, and as I reviewed it now, I do know that one thing is unchanged at her honesty, liveliness and candor that fame has not corrupted. "I'm very honest.'m Very cheerful, I like to be a child. Often I recover from unpleasant situations wearing me like a child," concluded Inna smiling.

Crazy, stupid love ...

  • What do you think is the most common mistake that women commit in a relationship? First, accept some things that are unacceptable. Compromise and think in haste. An example would be when, whether he was wrong, put her hand on the phone and call him. No! Wait, maybe it will be sorry, maybe he will apologize - but wait! For him, if you do this step, it may not be worth you giving her phone.
  • What would you advise men to Chapter <Seduction> with women? Some men have some really strange ways to seduce the negative sense, but there are men ... are men - true gentleman.

Beauty & Life quiz

  • How do you stay in shape? eat very little and dance a lot. I have room for.
  • What cosmetic use every day? First, moisturizer . After a concert, I prefer to leave the girl to ventilate.
  • What is your favorite perfume? I like the fresh.
  • What's the best beauty trick to revive your skin after a night "Lost"? without makeup and apply masks with honey, olive oil.
  • What combination of clothing I've ever address? not fit my classic skirts, tight, like office. I do not wear earrings, very rarely. I never wear socks under jeans - preferably without, or a pair of tights.
  • When you have a problem, which is the first person to ask for advice? If it's my career and my team manager. If it's personal, I turn the mother and family.

What you did not know about Inna

  • She worked as a receptionist.
  • A distributed flyers for clubs.
  • Would like to give voice to cartoon characters.
  • Porta number 34 in shoes.