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DIGI FM Romania Interview

New Interview!
DIGIFM Romania.

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Inna: "Normality is a luxury"


Inna was invited Catalin Striblea in the series of interviews LIVE on Facebook Digi FM. She admitted that when she is on stage forget everything, sometimes ...
Inna was invited Catalin Striblea in the series of interviews LIVE on Facebook Digi FM . She admitted that when he is on stage forget everything, sometimes the lyrics, but the feeling that one has is one that can not explain in words. Human energy and happiness that has then give her this feeling.
Cătălin Striblea testified that sees the singer as a person perfectionist, a little dictator herself.
"Yes, I am. I try to relax and I find as many positive things and see the beautiful. "She said.
Inna said the best part of his career is that it has the opportunity to tell people about love, all that remains good in the world.
"I like to give people the message that it's not that big deal to be a singer, to have fans. After all, you are a person that's just a job and do not need to see this world so expensive, not really. "She said.
Catalin noted that not wearing jewelry artist. Although it home, Inna said she likes, keeps, is aware of their value, but prefers to wear only on special occasions.
The artist told she receives marriage proposals from fans, including rings. These jewels not throw them, but keep them in the glove compartment, because it seems bad to give them in the trash. However, it would prefer people to stop requests for.
Inna admitted she has a serious relationship, mature, away from the world and social networks. She believes that this is the sign of a mature relationship, not showing them on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, she said she thinks about marriage and children, but waiting a little.
The singer talked about her childhood Neptune, where he spent summers at the beach, the trees, playing football and basketball. Mother before birth, was singer and dancer to halt Deer and her father was a lifeguard. Inna still has a very good relationship with her parents. So good that she bought a house in Bucharest where she lives with them and her grandmother.
"I think that any child who loves, respects and appreciates parents should visit them about 30 percent of their time. That's what I do. A year, I spend about 30 percent of the time in Bucharest. "
The artist has told her family says Alexandra, colleagues and friends from school call Piti because of her height, and the only person who called her Inna was her grandfather .
Cătălin Striblea was curious to know if she is considered a rich person from a financial standpoint. The singer admitted that she has not so much money as people might think, because all she invests her money alongside her manager Lucian in Global Records.
Digi One FM listeners asked a question that was long in the minds of many of us: Inna participate in Eurovision? She said she always thought of this, first that would help the country so. It's just that every time she had another project, video, album. "Eurovision takes about a month, a month and a half, if you want to work properly. And I allowed my still so. "
In the category of things that I did not know about Inna before this interview, but we have learned are that likes to clean, she likes to wash dishes and listen to music at the same time, loves bikes (he has six) , likes to go by limousine, make mayonnaise without cuts.
"Coming from a simple family, we went through all stages of life where I wanted to go to 5-star hotels, to ride the limo, buy expensive dresses. Now I'm at the stage where I think the greatest luxury is to live in a natural environment. She finds that normality is a luxury now. The largest gold mine is a place which is very little noise, nature, greens, history. The truth is that you can afford to every two weeks to go in a place in which to stay relaxed, without worry for the day is a luxury. I went through the stage where I liked limousines and expensive dresses, but we arrived at this point where I realize that this stuff really does not matter. "Said Inna, the conclusion of the interview.