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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

DIGITAL 102-9 FM MEXICO - March 20th 2012

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu better known as Inna is in Mexico fulfilling a promise and enjoying the hospitality of our country. The European artist who has sold over two million copies of their two albums, is enjoying the most of their activities in America. "I'm having so much fun, with lots of positive energy I get the Mexican public They were to meet me at the airport, shouting my name, and police the place they wanted silence, and I told them. Let them enjoy my fans do not do it hurt anyone, they shout whatever! '' said laughing.

The love for the music of this young woman comes from her family, always impelled from small to study singing; Inna nicknamed her grandfather, and she chose it as a stage name for sweet and melodious. She has a secret that many artists want to know to continue succeeding."My secret is to keep in touch with my fans, I daily'm offering something for them, they created me, my music and everything I do is for my loyal".

The idea of ​​being artist had from an early age. "I knew I had good opportunities to take advantage and were developed in an amazing reality. This is my life !. It's a dream I ever had, and that was fulfilled me. I feel like I live in a dream, but ... no I want to wake up so please keep silence: Shhhh "; Inna jokes.

The Mexican public moved Inna internal fibers. "Wow is my new single in English;. And the Spanish version of the titled Hot because it is a promise I made to my Mexican audience when I showed up at Six Flags last year I was so happy I wanted to offer something special as well without much thought, out of nowhere I said, "I'll do a song in Spanish for you my beloved Mexican public."

This action was somewhat thoughtless, his production team even thought that possibly was not a good idea to make two versions of the same subject. "I must admit that I did have some problems, because my producer told me that Wow and Heat are not the same;! And perhaps reach a success unless both;. I do not know how it will end I always wanted a Latin version with pace and lots calientita blood of a woman in love. The same song in English is very jovial, American in style, and with a certain elegance. In fact the video was recorded two weeks ago in Costa Rica and hope you like it ".

Inna has its own influences in the music world. "Black Eyed Peas is one of my biggest influences, I hear a lot of music Pop;. In the Latin world I love Shakira because it is a complete artist and a great person My music is the dance types, like you hear in a club, much pace, with great bass, and that cadence of Mexico some people call it "Ponchis - ponchis".