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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

2010 was certainly Inna’s year. Her fame has reached levels unseen by any other Romanian artists, charts rivaled the international music industry’s big names, ¬†she has become the most beloved artist in France, a country known for its nationalism, and was named the sexiest woman among FHM. 2011 does not sound no less.

A year has passed since your last appearance and this time have been named the sexiest woman in 2010 FHM top and you conquered the world. How is your life now?

I have a very busy schedule, traveling a lot and that makes me happy. I live every moment to the maximum intensity and I enjoy any event, including the photo shoot I just made a team together with FHM.

He also wrote that you move to France. Even your heart to leave us?

I divided between Romania and France at the moment. I love Romania, but it takes a part of France for success “Inna”.

You played the big stages of the world. Where do you like most?

There are many places where we have great concert and I can brag about it. With each event, live events, meet friends and valuable I could never say that I prefer a place rather than another.

What is your relationship with the press around the world? Last year you said you do not believe in the existence of paparazzi. Continue to Perform without their care?

Then my work without I care if someone looks “keyhole.” Paparazzi do not exist! There are only curious photographers. I have a very close relationship with the media quality. It is a big deal when you are offered a helping hand in order to promote an album, a play, concert etc.., I understand that an artist’s relationship with the media.

What’s the most inept that was written about you?

Ha-ha! Everyone writes the truth, just that nobody saw, nobody heard! Lord, have been so many that I no longer remember!

Now, in May, is the first time of a major concert in Romania. What this event means to you?

Can not wait to come on 17 May and I meet with my fans in Romania.

What’s the most extravagant expense that you did it when you’re heading and you can afford?

I can not say that allow me to make expenditures “extravagant”, especially since most of the money they earn to invest in the project. Things with me are my family can boast fans (friends) My, my career and my puppy, Bobo, who, I must admit, is very extravagant!

Had to fight with another international star to the heart of a man, who would you ask?

I do not fight with anyone for the heart of “x”. To fight the “x” for my heart!)

But you want to be the man?

OK! If we were to replace “x” with the name Russell Crowe would be the sexiest gladiator.

I always promote the best new novel, for fans. I like to get into the skin of different characters?

Yes, almost every photo shoot is a whole concept. I would like to have time each week to shoot one, I have so many ideas. I love the team I work with and that makes me say yoohoooooooo!

What is the character that suits you best?

Each character is interesting in its way, but the album “I am the club rocker” and I like it to be between Rocker Club and its interpretation one can see on the cover and inside of my new album which will be launched this summer.

In your sex life like to play different roles?

Yes, playing the role of “super busy artist.”

What is the attitude of a man instantly puts you on fire?

I like men who act as “mysterious.” Note, I said “who plays.” It is a tactic that never fails to meet him at the first meeting and therefore there must be a second. So was hot embers, no matter for how long.

You travel a lot. What is the most spectacular place you had sex before?

Yes, I traveled a lot, but the remaining question is too cocky so I can not answer, some things must remain mysterious, just as we meet in our case a third time, as I said before.