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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Interview with dance singer Inna

27-09-2011 - A few years ago, hardly anyone knew the Romanian singer Inna. Now she's totally hot, her music you can dance. Out soon is her new album I Am The Club Rocker. We were able to interview her about her new album, but also about boys and her biggest blunder ...

Go sit back, against the backdrop of one of Inna's beats . 

What cd's I Am The Club Rocker ?

"It is a CD for anyone who loves dancing and having fun. If you are I Am The Club Rocker to move, the party immediately. Whether you're at a party with friends or alone in your bedroom able to dance. I often perform in clubs. I saw that my real fans Club Rockers are. I am with my music the queen of the Club Rockers . '

You are often away from home. What do you find hardest? 

"The travel itself. I have a lot of steps and wait. Last week I went to Belgium by train, when I had a few hours delay. When I'm tired, really, I do not feel. I just want to my hotel room. I miss my family too. I have no brothers or sisters, but a large family and a dog! Fortunately, I can call them and I know that I see them again when I come back. " 

Did you have jobs before music?

 "Very much! I handed out flyers on the street for a club, I was a shop assistant with baby and I have been secretary. Meanwhile, I tried to sing much as possible. When I was singing, someone asked if I sometimes did something with music. Again after work So that was not so, but the one who asked, is my manager! " 

Have you changed with your fame? 

"Nope. And I'm proud of it. I do not abuse my fame. I just plug in the back of the line to settle. I do not want VIP treatment. My life is quite different than a few years ago. I do almost every day performances, I do interviews and on the streets I'm in the picture with my fans. " 

How do you find your friends now that you're famous?

 "They find it very bold and are proud of what I do. I think they find it quite fun to be sneaky. Put by the paparazzi in the picture Before we go do something fun, we make our extra beautiful. Sometimes it also has disadvantages: once the paparazzi took a picture while my girlfriend was smoking next to me. Her parents did not even know she smoked, was taken. Those pictures 

Have you ever made a blunder on stage?

"During my performance at Radio 538 School Awards I walked with sexy dance moves on the cameraman. I just do not see that there was a ladder behind the cameraman and so I pushed it through my sexy moves as the stairs. I was embarrassed so bad! "

Many men find you sexy, but you do not have a boyfriend. Do you do that on purpose?

"I'm open for a boyfriend, but I do not think anyone is waiting for such a busy girl. I'm often traveling and performing. A romantic evening together, there is not so fast. I do not regret that I am single, I concentrate on my work. I think that at this moment the most important. "

Would you date a fan?

 "I do not think so. Although it would be so. Everyday men ask me to be their friend and I even get marriage proposals on Facebook. For my fans, I have my music and Inna, but they do not get myself. Elena Alexandra ' 

Do you have tips for girls who want to sing?

"Follow your dreams! To sing professionally, you need talent. You also need to be strong, because it is not always easy to be known. If you are in your sweatpants and no makeup go outside, you are often put directly on the photo and if you do something unpleasant, it is in no-time over the Internet. Ai! ' 

I Am The Club Rocker
 is on sale now! Also look at Inna's