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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

Friday 20 May 2011

Hometown: Neptun, Romania.

The lineup: Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (vocals).

The background: Please allow us, for the second time today, to celebrate the music of (South)eastern Europe. Sadly, Inna, the act in question, does not favour the gravity-defying pointy hat, nor does she sing her songs dressed in a white fairy outfit while riding around on a unicycle. And unlike Zdob si Zdub, she has consistently failed in numerous bids to be the Romanian candidate for the Eurovision song contest. Clearly, ska-inflected Balkan brass and post-punk is a more commercially viable proposition than glossy, catchy Eurodisco.

But wait! Actually, she is, sales- and chart-wise, spectacularly successful – "one of Romania's biggest exports" – who has (deep breath) sold over 1m records worldwide, knocked Ke$ha off the US Billboard's No 1 spot, won 21 music awards, appeared on more than 30 magazine covers in Europe, has had over 150m YouTube views and more than two million Facebook friends. And none of that really matters because if the 24-year-old's pop career goes belly-up she could always, with the three languages she speaks, get a job in the Romanian High Commission (unless the languages are, say, Portuguese, Swahili and Gaelic), or she could become a professional swimmer (she competed as a child). Or, as a former estate agent, she could always build up an impressive property portfolio.