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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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23 year old Inna has already raced to number one in countries including Spain, Holland and Russia, with her single Hot. A musical phenomenon in her home country Romanian, Inna has risen to fame across Eastern Europe, already bigger than Madonna and Lady Gaga. 

I Like Music caught up with Inna to chat about her single Hot, music in Romania, her biggest achievements and her future plans as a pop star. 

"I Like Music because… a good song can make your day." INNA 

ILM: Hot is a huge single! What does the track mean to you? 

Inna: This track now defines me, I am well aware of that. At first it used to be the song I really liked when my friends Play&Win played it to me, then I was humming it at home for a few days not knowing exactly what it was. A few months later it was my launching pad in Romania. Now it’s a dream which came true, the soundtrack of my life now. So, “Hot” can be more than just a song… 

ILM: How would you describe the Inna process of making music? 

Inna: I am working exclusively with my friends Play & Win, they are also from my home town of Constanta. Usually they record a demo of the song they just wrote and they play it to me in the studio when I am at home. If I feel the song is right for me we go ahead and record a demo with my voice. Then I have to listen to it for a few weeks and get used to it. After this we re-record the track, maybe change some parts or lyrics and after this the guys finalize the master. 

ILM: Who are your musical inspirations? 

Inna: We all get inspired by what’s HOT now, isn’t that true?! There are a lot of artists that I appreciate, it would be a long list to mention all of them as I enjoy a lot listening to music, but I used to be a Robbie Williams fan among others. 

ILM: You’ve achieved a lot so far, what have been the biggest moments for you?

Inna: Thank you! It’s not hard to point out the biggest moments, I will never forget the day my record company called me and told me “Hot” is number one in Romania and that we signed the first contract outside Romania for France! Then I will always remember the happy faces of 6000 Turkish fans singing “Hot” in a summer club last year for my first show outside Romania. And the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay number 1. And I’m sure I will have a new surprise on Sunday from the UK. 

Inna: ILM: What are your future plans? 

Short term we are working on a new video for my 5th single in Romania. Generally speaking we are constantly working on new tracks in the studio, I am planning to do a “club” album with different DJs from around the world. 

ILM: What would be your advice to anyone on following their dream career? 

Inna: Be very sure of what you wish for, always try to evaluate what might happen and the consequences of pursuing that dream. And never ever expect things to happen overnight.

ILM: Can you tell us a little more about the music scene in Romania? What’s big? 

Inna: Oh, there are a lot of things to be said about the Romanian music scene. We have a a lot of very good artists and I am pretty confident you will hear about them soon. Dance music is pretty big lately, we have a lot of clubs all over Romania, people enjoy going out during the weekends just like anywhere else. There have been in the past year a lot of dance songs that crossed over to different countries and becoming hits. 

ILM: What music have you been listening to recently? 

Inna: I always listen to chart tracks, so I’ve been listening lately to the chart music of UK, US, France and Germany among other. 

ILM: Out of all the live acts you’ve seen, which will you never forget? 

Inna: I’ve been invited to the MTV European Music Awards in 2009 as I was the winner of the Best Romanian Act Award, so it was a pretty big chance for me to see all those no 1 artists perform on the same stage. I will never forget Beyonce's performance, she was absolutely fantastic on stage! 

ILM: What’s your ideal night out? 

Inna: A nice little club in the Romanian Carpathian mountains together with my girlfriends.