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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna - passion for music and nice cars


What are you looking for first time you see a car, when it comes to which one you choose? I really like the car’s graceful shape, with perfect lines, look, how is this new Jaguar F-Pace. I prefer generally large cars, because it makes me feel safer.

What are the qualities we've appreciated the new Jaguar F-Pace? The new Jaguar meets all my preferences safety and elegance. A large car that gives me comfort, a private space and a discreet presence on the road.
Have you ever thought to drive a Jaguar or you chose this brand now because it appeared SUV F-Pace ? I had a car brand Jaguar in the past. Knowing that I am a fan of this brand, my partners at Tiriac Auto offered me the privilege of being among the first to use this new model Jaguar. Surely, now I can say that is the best choice. Jaguar is a special brand with a beautiful history in Romania is a niche brand even.
How does it feel driving in traffic? Did it feel like it was a special machine, out of the ordinary? I'm glad the car I drive is seen and admired by everyone in traffic. I feel spoiled knowing that I am one of the first people in Romania with one.
You've said that from the first hour after you got behind the wheel, you were asked by someone at a traffic light about your car? Yeah, I was at university, just the first day, and a gentleman who ran everything Jaguar, other models, approached me wanting to learn about the new car, price and amenities you have. It was the first time he saw it physically.
He recognized you and was curious? Sure he recognized me. During the conversation even congratulated me for my success .
How have you moved in traffic with it? Excellent, very agile, although large, easy going and have all sorts of sensors that warn me if they are too close to the car in front or side, which helps me enormously. Moreover, it is extremely convenient, has a chair that makes you feel like a massage chair. It's a pleasure to drive! I chose a light cream leather interior is exquisite, sophisticated and elegant interior space and sensational panoramic roof lights inside (and when it rains, it's really romantic ). And ambient lighting is special, we did not have in any car before.
So it suits you, the new Jaguar F-Pace ... Yes, but not just because of the design. Traveling extensively, for me, one of the most important things is to feel comfortable. It happens very often that i have to retouch my makeup and change outfits in my car. Behold, now a luxury brand will have an impact on my life and that I choose that machine is no longer a pleasure but a necessity.
MUCH IS THIS ART IN CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN OF JAGUAR F-PACE. Tell me a few common attributes that you have with this brand and exclusive to this model. In general, I appreciate brands that keep their quality products and evolve in response to customer needs. I like to turn my own business as to take account of these criteria. It is a brand that cares about quality, just like me. I imagine that Jaguar designers and engineers worked thoroughly with an obsession for perfection in the new model F-Pace, as I work on a my music, for a hit. Never choose a brand, be it clothes or accessories, or look, machine, without doing these associations, without thinking that these men wanted maximum performance, just as I want in everything I do. There is much art in the construction and design of the Jaguar F-Pace.
What music do you listen to in the car? Listening to radio, but especially music playlist on my phone that connects extremely easy to bluetooth in the car. I like the huge touchscreen audio system board in Jaguar. And colleagues were surprised how good it sounds!
What's your favorite track in Romania by car, but also one in the world, for you have traveled a lot. My favorite route is the road to the sea, the Sun Highway. I test new cars there which I purchased. I left for the sea in the F-Pace the first time. There is a trail appreciated by leading professionals, but it is the way to where I was born. Outside the country: Los Angeles-San Francisco, on the coast of America.
Who is the person who you prefer to stay to the right when you drive? The person I prefer to sit on my right is my mother, who is also the coolest DJ.
What do you usually keep in the trunk? From posters, CDs until sewing kits, skateboard, shoes with heels of all sizes. I think it is better you ask me what I dont have in the trunk ...
Why do you use your armrest, for items to have on hand at any time? Wipes, lip gloss, perfume, glasses, phone charger and all that no longer fits in my purse.