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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

Inna on Kiss FM: I want to be godmother to Antonia's baby, I received the offer, though I still touched the belly

Inna and Antonia, accompanied by Carla's Dreams and Dara were invited Monday at Kiss FM, the morning show presented by Sergiu Andrei. The guests sang the first new song Rockets and girl in turn three, they joked and fans have revealed details about their collaboration.


"Dara is a very talented artist and composer. We introduced this song, which seems brilliant "Inna told.


"We want to come tomorrow, but do not know if we get that we've thrown a false one, two, but when it's live, go 'Inna joked after the guests sang Kiss FM studio .


Inna has made fans and a demonstration of Moldavian accent, which made her wonder how much brandy or vodka Andrew can drink. "I do not drink, but I think if I drink, I can drink water" she said.


Inna was asked why, she is not pregnant. "I'm pregnant so that you hardly notice. I really am more responsible than Antonia, but not visible on me, "laughed Inna. Andrew was interested and if Inna wants to be godmother to Antonia's child. "Certainly I would, I received the proposal, though I still touched the belly," she said at Kiss FM.


"'Girl among three' is the song that defines me the most, a piece that I care very much, composed with boys from The Farmers' Inna said.


And the boys from Dreams Carlas said they are preparing new songs, though still not decided future collaborations. "With Mr. Brenciu we certainly want to launch something" they said.