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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

After meetings in Bucharest, Paris, Costa Rica, Elle Romania team spent with Inna few days in Los Angeles, where the star performed several concerts, made a new video, and a unique photo shoot for Elle, the streets and Gorgeous villa in the famous James Goldstein. 

Photos: Edward Aninaru.
Producer: Roxana Voloseniuc and Mr. Margescu.
  • Silk veil dress, Maria Lucia Hohan;stainless steel necklace, Dolce & Gabbana store Mengotti; wool tights with cutouts, Andreea Tincu & Sense;metal bracelet H & M; wooden bracelet, Testimonies, enTrac store;Sunglasses, Prada; python leather shoes, Sergio Rossi, personal wardrobe.


We met in the weeks leading up Inna making this material. She came to the meeting with her manager, Lucian. stability we see in one of the most popular restaurants in Bucharest, only to my surprise, none of them had heard of this place : "We are in constant, we do not know Bucharest well ... ".With this reply I have become very nice place.

Inna wearing a Balmain jacket, a pair of high-waisted jeans and a shirt. looked very stylish. I could hardly believe it. I was expecting a totally different appearance after review photos that Google displays in the name Inna. Si was very good makeup and style. "I was styling, I can even put my meals alone. Coming from a radio recording. "No, I refrained to admire jacket. "I lay in wait for some time and eventually I found on a website, very low. And then I sat on the thoughts, I bought it. "

All my information collected by Google (before any meetings that we are going to give a search on the search engine) were abolished as we get into conversation. they began to tell us (at the meeting attended by Mr. Margescu, director of ELLE fashion) about their plans: where will sing Inna, the video will make you ready photo shoots, events of all kinds ...

I said, if these people do all the things that they said new here, then no wonder that Inna is the success you have. "I have so much energy to invest in music and to offer my fans, so that I could have concerts and record albums without stopping."