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Superstar INNA’s Exclusive Interview With OneAvenue

Written by  on February 2, 2016 

INNA is an internationally acclaimed Romanian singer and philanthropist.1 In 2012, she rose to fame becoming the first European female vocalist to surpass one billion views on YouTube. She shared with us details about her album, inspirations, philosophy, and more. Read on to find out…

She believes her beautiful name has bought her fame. “It seems that INNA is a lucky name. My grandpa used to call me Inna. Unfortunately, he passed away and when I had to choose my stage name, INNA seemed the best option.”

Since 2010, she has steadily risen on the music charts around Europe having a net worth value of millions. She never dreamed she would come this far. “ I didn’t expect that my debut single “Hot” would be so successful. Everywhere I went, the song was playing — on the radio, in pubs, clubs, even ringtones on people’s phones. Soon after, I started having concerts in Romania and in Europe.” Before she knew it, she was attending major events with big artists. Her first album came out, and she had done photo shoots, interviews and collaborations with other artists.

“I’m so grateful for everything that happened to me.” – INNA

Her recently released album, INNA, was inspired by her fans. “My Club Rockers are the ones that make me stronger, more creative, and inspired.”

“My album INNA includes my songs “Diggy Down”, “BOP BOP”, and my latest single “Yalla”. All these songs were well received by my fans and I’m super happy about it! Some songs have a summer vibe such as “Rendez- Vous” with a sample from the well known song “Coco Jambo” or “Bamboreea”.This album is perfect for having fun, dancing at parties, and working out,” she says. She knows what she wants her fans to feel when they listen to her music, “Feel free, be positive, smile, love life and don’t let the music die!”

Her current songs from her new album, songs like “Bop Bop” and “Yalla”, show her versatile approach to music. She says the album is a result of working with talented, creative, song writers and producers. “This album is a mix of futuristic and innovative sound with oriental rhythms and summer vibes. It’s something that I know my fans expect from me, love to hear, or I felt it was right.”

Though she is very busy traveling around the world and promoting her music, she says her fans help her stay focused. “They are the answer for my music, for my inspiration, my energy, my strength.”- INNA

INNA is a superstar not only because of her music, but also because of her work as an activist. She signed the anti-domestic violence campaign, Bring The Sun In My Life, which promotes women empowerment. INNA is a children’s rights activist. She says that in 2011 she launched her own personal campaign for domestic violence with the single “Endless”. “Women who are victims should know they are not alone, they have solutions, they can move forward in their lives and start a new chapter.” She added that the campaign has Romanian designers, business women, artists and radio personalities promoting the message. “It was released in Romania and Europe with two NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) as partners. I also support NGOs which work on helping and protecting the children and the environment.”

With so much going on for her, the new year seems to be taking off. 2015, she says has been good to her. “Two of my songs ‘Good Time’ and ‘Cola Song’ were on the soundtrack movies such as Spy with Jude Law, Jason Statham and 50Cent, Pitch Perfect 2, and the TV series Young and Hungry. I received MTV Best Romanian Act Awards, two of my songs have more than 100 million views on YouTube, and my singles had great feedback. I have released this forth album INNA, with it’s Japanese version Body and the Sun. Also I had a tour in Japan, Chile, and Mexico.”

So far INNA doesn’t have any tours planned for the USA but she told us a bit about her up coming plans. “I’m releasing new songs soon and another album in the summer .” Looks like we’ll have much more to look forward to.