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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

A: In what corner of the world you've got these days?

B: I write from the plane, go back in France after concert in VIP Room in Saint Tropez. This week we started in     Germany, I continued it in Spain,Italy and then France. Readers who do not know what job I would say for sure that they are stewardess!


A: I understand you filmed recently, a new video.What is it?

B: It is the video for "A momento," I shot a few days ago in Palma de Mallorca. The song was released as a single label at the instigation of France and will be promoted in parallel with "Club Rocker." 


A: What is the record of hours spent on the road?

B: Ah ... I do not remember, but the thing that tires me the most.


A: Until now, the most beautiful country you guys met?

B: Greece! I said!


A: How insistent are the fans?

B: The question may sound more like: How am I insistent fans? There is a very close relationship between me and my fans and I love when they are persistent.


A: What did you use to buy when you go to places? 

B: A toy that sings for my puppy, Bobo. It is a priority!


A: How much time do you get to spend in Romania?

B: Very little and they are not happy at all when I say this.


A: How much money did you collect the music so far?

B: Hahaha ... a lot!But many more fans!


A: What is the biggest investment you made before?

B: The house where I live and the video for "Club Rocker."


A: How many people behind the success of Inna?

B: There are many people behind the success of this project, the dancers at the record labelexecutives. So many that do not know the number!


A: Ultimately, it is the recipe? For some say that you have an extraordinary voice ...

B: Worked very hard and a good voice, not "outstanding"! More training, love for people and desire to give up everything for this career. Not easy, but when you start reaping the rewards they realize that it was worth it!


A: You changed the fame? Did it complained so far that you become confident?

B: Career changed me ... I appreciate more timeand simple things. People get to know mepersonally, I remain friends and that I said it!


A: In another interview you told us not to go tocosmetology or massage. What is the ultimate indulgence but for you?

B: I ride a bike in Sinaia, eat ice cream and sit one hour in the tub!


A: Love ... have time?

B: Love is everything to me. Love music andpeople in general.


A: Eventually, your manager is loved as you werewriting papers?

B: Manager and all. Love not!


A: Inna, what city would you like to live for life?

B: It is very hard to think that I could live in one place all my life, especially because of the jobthat I have. I     love Neptune, my hometown, and Sinaia.