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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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If you haven’t spent the past weeks down a dark hole chances are you’ve heard the insanely catchy 90s-esque dance track, Hot, doing the rounds on everything from Radio 1 to MTV Danceto KISSReya El-Salahi caught up with the lady behind it, Eastern Europe’s answer to Lady Gaga, Inna, to find out more about the Romanian sexy…

We’ve heard that in Eastern Europe you’re a bigger star than Madonna and Lady Gaga put together, so is it weird to have only just released your debut single in the UK?

Well, first of all I’m sure I’m not as big as Madonna or Gaga but I am aware of the success of my music throughout the world and I feel a bit strange to be compared to these two huge stars, Madonna being a legend even! Anyway, back to my music, it was a bit strange at first to have different songs of mine played at a time in different countries, but now I understand how this works and I think it’s for the best, it’s like building an empire: you conquer each territory at a time with a lot of work!

With such a massive following throughout Europe, how do UK audiences compare?

I haven’t been to the UK yet, but seeing the messages I get on Facebook, YouTube and my, I can imagine the UK audience will welcome me with open arms. I’ll just have to wait a little bit to have my first trip over there and then I can tell you everything.

Your debut single Hot is a huge club track – but what’s your favourite city to get hot in?

From the cities I’ve visited so far it would be really hard to choose, but I would say I loved the most the parties in Istanbul. They have the craziest clubs and parties over there! And the audience is really amazing.

In Hot you sing: “Fly like you do it, like you’re high like you do it… like a woman” – what does that mean?

I know people joke that the composers wrote the lyrics using the Google translator, but the truth is that this is a metaphor in relation to the current status of women in the world, we can do just about anything that comes into our minds. It’s different to what it was 100 years ago for example.

Are you a big fan of UK music?

There are a lot of UK artists to which I am listening to like Leona Lewis, Lily Allen, Pixie Lott, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Sugababes and many more. Basically, I love a good bit of pop music! I hope that when I come to the UK that I will be introduced to a lot of your new music and hear some tracks in different genres.

The Cheeky Girls were the last Romanian act to break the UK – are you a fan?

Who are the Cheeky Girls?!

In-between flying around the world promoting your music, how do you relax

Lately I haven’t had any time off, just some time spent at home when I’m trying to relax in between doing interviews, recordings, photo sessions and writing more on my blog. I sometime have some free time when travelling and I go shopping and do some sightseeing!

How many languages do you speak?

I speak Romanian (of course), Spanish and English. Lately I’ve started, without even trying to, learning Turkish. It’s easy for me, can’t really explain why.

And finally, (the question single men everywhere want to know) are you single?

[Laughs] I can only say I have a very happy life!.