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UK Based Fansite for Singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka INNA.

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Inna Articles

Inna in interview: I have no problem zones!

31st MAY

Inna (27) is a superstar not only in her native Romania. With their catchy dance anthems ("Sun Is Up") they cracked the first European artist, the one-billion mark on YouTube. With the outrageously hot singer speaks among other things, her toned body, beauty OPs and a no-go in bed. How do you make yourself fit for the summer?

Inna: "I eat fruits, vegetables, salads, drink juices, tea and water I swim and ride on my bike I always do, but in the summer time more often..."

Has Inna any problem areas?

"Right now I feel good with me and do not have the feeling of wanting to change anything or to focus on specific parts of the body."

You were shooting for the "FHM". Would you you also for the "Playboy" take off?

"I had fun at the 'FHM' shoots, but the' Playboy 'is beyond question."

Disgust you feel before the solarium? 

"I do not go to the solarium. I enjoy spending time in the sun by the pool or at the beach."

Have an opinion on plastic surgery?

"I think to want to let any person who feels improve their appearance, should be making the operations that are needed to be satisfied with yourself. Unless there are limits and does not become a compulsion." 

When former political science student: How do you assess the situation in the Ukraine?

"It's really sad! There'm really sorry how things develop in the Ukraine and I hope the problems can be resolved as quickly and peacefully as possible. I have traveled to Ukraine to Kiev and Odessa a few times and am sad that people have to go through such hard times there. "

Who is the greatest German artist for you?

"I like ATB and Schiller."

What comes to mind when you think of Germany?

"I had one of my first great experience at 'The Dome 59' on the red carpet and singing on stage in front of so many people!"

Which singer is hotter than you?

"There are so many beautiful and special singers, but I usually do not compare with them. I think Pink and Beyoncé great."

Which Hollywood star is your dream man?

"I have no Hollywood!" 

What should a man do definitely not in bed?

"Food. I like clean beds." 

Your current favorite song on the iPod?

"From Lizz Wright - Dreaming Wide Wake." 

Interview: Sebastian Struwe