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Inna has 9 million fans on Facebook, is the best-selling artist of the moment Universal Music in Turkey, and in Spain she beat Rihanna and Black Eyed Peas, but confesses that she never counted the money she earned from music. Luana Danet learned what lies behind this incredible performer.


In a perfect summer morning, we got out of the meeting with Inna Bucharest. There was a hot day of shooting, and all details were fine-tuned engines: a brand-new Harley-Davidson waiting for us and styling designed by Roxana and the Lord promised to gird the imagination of the entire team.With all our optimism when we went out for the first shot, there started a downpour. The situation repeated without exception every time I was ready to change. In these circumstances, I confess that I would have expected to lose patience Inna, especially since just returned from a concert in Antalya and after photo shoot after that to enter the studio to record! Not only did not complain one second, but so was not convinced that everything is perfect, could not relax at all.

Inna, thank you to shoot that resisted because of rain, lasted 8 hours. How do you feel?

I feel very good and I enjoyed working alongside a team of professionals. Thank you all for a great shooting that loved me and I hope they enjoy and readers VIVA! (smile)


Cover swimsuit is super cool. What is his story? I know you originally bought for nothing ...

Yes, this suit was bought for video "More Than Friends" that I shot last October in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, in Romania parcel has not arrived on time in LA, so I had to improvise and make shopping faster there, advising me on my email. And because I loved it, I was glad to highlight the shooting site for VIVA!


You have an incredible joy to pose. So you were always or it came with success?

At first I was not as usual photo sessions and of course I had great emotions, I was more stressed and can not always managed to get into the role as I should have. In time, however, making more and more photos, I feel more relaxed, I like to try different states, look new sites, diverse expressions and hope from shooting to shooting photos to be ever better.


You accepted to lie on wet sand without any problem, although it was quite cold. You really do not have the air of a star?

I love the people I work with, they are professionals and do their job that way. Therefore, I am doing everything it takes to get involved in projects so that they work out impeccably

Last night you came back from Turkey, where the name Inna is just as loved as the name Hagi. Tell me how you did get the people at Turkish Airlines to plane delay in time to get back in Romania and so we can do this shooting.

Yes, it was very funny accident for which I thank my fans in Turkey. (Laughs) I very much hurry to catch the plane because of traffic had little chance to get there on time and I wrote on Twitter and Instagram I'm sure I'll miss the plane. My fans have seen this, called the Turkish Airlines and told them to delay the plane so I will get to the airport to fly to Bucharest. Thank you very much, thanks to them we arrived at the VIVA shooting. (Laughs)

You could have your own plane. Why call the airline?

I feel safe when commercial flight, I like to fly and with other people besides my colleagues. I'm used to so I do not think anything will change soon in this regard.

You continue to be most popular in Mexico or Spain than in Romania. Market in Romania is still too small for so great a name?

I do not know if the market in Romania is too small, just know that we have many fans in my country that I love and thank them, because I'm here and I write on Twitter and Facebook when I am away. Good to know they are close to me.

Wait two days in Romania and go again. What are you doing at this time?

Every time I leave the country, we have concerts or shows and promotional gigs at various radio stations in Europe. Now, I had concert in Macedonia, Tarragona and Ibiza.

You still have time for friends? Have you ever lost friends when you're famous?

True friendships built over time, never die, no matter how often you see people you love. And when I'm gone, keep in touch by phone and on the Internet with friends and nice to feel close to them and to revisit when in Romania, I need this energy I receive from them.

Who is the person who is the closest you in all your travels?

In addition to the tour manager and the two dancers, always traveling with my best friend, Anca.

You have millions of fans worldwide. It happens, however, have moments when you feel alone?

I do not feel alone again, because when you are away on tour, I'm with my team, they return to Romania, I have family and friends here and are always surrounded by people who matter to me. When you feel the need for a relaxing break, go on vacation a few days and come back with batteries loaded.

I saw the signing of autographs for fans crying with yourself. What do you feel when millions of people chanting your name?

Excites me and I enjoy their love and believe there nice thing for an artist than to feel the warmth and love of the fans. It's a feeling that I do not think I know how to express it in words and unless you have felt it. I am happy for what happens to me, I am grateful to the fans for love and support. Without them, my club rockers, I would not be where I am today.

In 2011, you had 2 million fans on Facebook, and now have 9 million. How did you work for this?

And I am very glad for every fan on my Facebook page! It's hard work and continuous whole team I work with and whom I thank for all they do for me. We think what surprises every time with them to prepare my fans and what parts been recorded and all these things matter.

You are first in Turkey and Spain, higher than Rihanna and Black Eyed Peas! Do you dizzy success?

I'm not dizzy, but motivates me and makes me want more. Because I know it can be better and there is room to go even higher. (smile)

The tournament in Mexico was successful. Follow Malaysia. You set out to conquer the world? There is a place you want to get your music and not yet?

Every time in Mexico, is incredible, people are very warm, gentle, loving and a pleasure to play there and be around them. There are places in the world where I would like to go, they are requests for concerts, but never found the time to come, and not the distances itself organized a tournament in those places: Australia, India, Canada. But it's time! (Laughs)

How does it work behind a hit? How can you tell that a song you choose will immediately climb the charts?

It's a pretty intense work. Prac-ic, everything starts from a tool, then compose the melody, then lyrics, go into the studio and try to interpret the song as in tune with the state and its message. Then think about the concept and if the song is a single video. It's hard to say that you realize that it will be hit, you know that everything you work and give the best for the song to sound very loud. From a certain point on, the fans take control! (Laughs)

Get suggestions of songs from manufacturers worldwide. How many a day?

There are many, as I tell my colleagues. I would not know how many say I receive only those that fit me and me that we work so as to be included in my album.

Do you have any say in the choice of song? Who decides what promises to become a hit song?

Of course. My colleagues get songs, and I suggest they choose the best and suitable alternatives, then the set together on their upcoming record. For other parts, it happens to be in the studio, listening to instrumental and I compose the melody. It is a new aspect, the songwriter, who I love and who manage to be closer to my fans, putting part of my soul and my experiences in the music they sing.

How many people are in your staff?

Besides the manager, the team is made up of people I work with constant (video production, PR, A & R, tour manager, dancers), plus band, sound engineer, stylists, make-up artist, hair stylist. I hope I did not forget anyone. We are many!

Do not wait as long to Paris. You betrayed France or France betrayed you? You do not have the same success there ...

One can not speak of betrayal and not more or less successful. My fans they still listen to the music and I talk with them constantly. In addition, the single "More Than Friends" is promoting at the moment, has very good feedback there and is ranked among the top five running plays in clubs. We expect to come soon on the radio.

You best selling artist Universal. How much money you raised so far in music?

I have never calculated how much money I made from music, because all the money was reinvested in everything that INNA project: video, photo sessions, tours, band, image, music.

Do you have a house in Los Angeles where I know you Facilities. The guests got there in general?

It is not itself my home is purchased. In addition, I do not spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, only during times in America. But come important people in the world music industry from these parties: the directors, producers, composers, artists and Taio Cruz.

You told me that you were fattening 3 kg. Continue to show very well. What do you do that?

Dancing, much free time to go rollerblading, cycling, walking.

Your parents now live in Bucharest, in the same house where you stay and when you get in Romania. What is the next city in which you want to buy a house?

I never thought specifically where exactly, I did not plan on this.

What do you like to spend money on?

I like to buy useful things that I need and be safe and long-term investment: I like the clothes on stage outfit sites, but also for everyday clothes, house, car, nice gifts for people dear to me . I'm pretty judicious and moderate. (smile)

What is that you have little heart tattooed on the nape? Who is dedicated?

This is my first tattoo, which I did when I was away on a tour in Mexico and I've dedicated to my fans.They are "my lucky ace"!

Do you love? Are you in love?

As we all said, at this time, the music is all that matters to me it is what gives me strength and energy and feel all right now.

However, a girl your age does not feel the need to be loved and spoiled when she returns from a long and hard tour?

I am as well and I feel very loved and spoiled by the people around me.

How many marriage proposals have received from your fans?

Many, some creative and fun, some serious and could not be official. (Laughs)

What is the strangest thing asked for by a fan?

A fan insisted for a month on all social networks of all my team members to receive a jersey from me that he wanted. He had already received one of them, just not one that I wore and that he had seen a picture on Facebook. So I came back from tour, was simply and wrote daily that you want. It was really strange requirement, impressive as his perseverance!

What are the qualities required of a woman singing dance?

You must be a person energetic, fresh, lively feel good that this kind of music and to transmit this and fans.

What new skills have you developed when you're in this business?

There are many things that have changed me, with professional maturity and personal income and many were acquired and because of the industry, life always on the run. I am calmer, more patient, do not put so much soul evils, are increasingly willing to go beyond me.

Have you noticed any change in dance music when you started singing?

Music evolves very much from when I started my career to so far, it is clear that change and musical productions as sound changed.

Collaborated with Grammy Award-winning artist. Who do you want to work with?

There are many artists I like and appreciate them. But clearly artist that I want most to collaborate with is Pink.

When is the next hit?

We just released the video for "Be My Lover", the latest single of mine and I am glad to see that it is very appreciated by my fans around the world. We have not yet determined to launch the next single, but you will certainly find out. I can not say if it is hit, this is what my fans will decide ...

Thank you and I wish you continued success! Elections and songs inspired and alive!



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Credits ROXANA Voloseniuc and gentlemen Margescu

Makeup ALEXANDER Abagiu (official ambassador of L'Oréal Paris)

Barber Sorin STRATULAT (L'Oréal Professionnel Ambassador)

Hairdressing Assistant ADONIS ENACHE

Thank Harley-Davidson Bucharest!

The photographs were taken with sprijinulTache and Iordache SRL